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What Do You Know about Carbon-neutrality? 27
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    Ever since the Industrial Revolution, all economic activities require the consumption of fossil fuels and hence emit massive amounts of greenhouse gases every day, significantly aggravating the climate change phenomenon. Nations and corporations are starting to control their greenhouse gas emission in order to decelerate climate change but many carbon emissions are still inevitable due to our everyday necessities and needs. As such, the concept of carbon neutrality arises. This refers to compensating for carbon emissions by funding projects that could lead to carbon reduction, such as renewable energy development and afforestation, so as to achieve net zero carbon emissions.


    The Hang Lung Annual Dinner 2018 is a certified carbon-neutral event. We worked with Carbon Care Asia to calculate the total carbon emissions for the event, amounting to the equivalent of 7.8 tonnes of carbon dioxide. We then purchased the corresponding quantity of carbon credits to support a 100MW solar power project in Guazhou, Gansu Province, China, which has offset the carbon emissions of the Annual Dinner. Nonetheless, while carbon-offsetting is able to reduce the detrimental environmental impact of carbon emissions, we should also help reduce emissions in our daily lives and try our very best to protect the environment.

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