Project Update
Heartland 66 Team Fosters Close Communication with Government 47
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    As the iconic upcoming project of Wuhan's Qiaokou district, Heartland 66 has received tremendous support from the city and district governments. The project is proceeding on schedule and the core construction work for the office tower has reached level 38, while the shopping mall has reached level six.


    In order to foster closer communication with government officials, Director – Project Management Mr. Peter Leung led the Heartland 66 management team to meet Qiaokou District government officials to discuss the latest progress in the construction of the project as well as targets for the year ahead. General Secretary of the CPC Qiaokou District Committee of Wuhan, Mr. Jing Xinhua, District Governor Mr. Liu Danping, Deputy District Governor Mr. Liu Bin, Director of Development and Reform Mr. Hu Liwu, and Deputy Director of the District Planning Bureau Mr. Deng Guofu praised Hang Lung's project management. They have confidence that when the mall and the office towers open, the project will energize the district and galvanize local economic vitality by boosting employment and tax revenue. 


    More recently, Deputy Mayor of Wuhan Ms. Xu Honglan and other officials of the Qiaokou District visited the project site office and the leasing center to further understand the project, the latest progress, and to exchange views on its leasing status, operations, and volunteer activities.


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