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Singing the Praises of Mother 17
  • 友善列印版本


    You raise me up, so I can stand on mountains.(妳鼓舞了我,令我得以站於高峰。)

    I am strong when I am on your shoulders.(當我倚靠着妳的肩膀,我變得強壯。)

    You raise me up to more than I can be.(妳鼓舞了我,讓我超越了自己。)

    You raise me up, to walk on stormy seas.(妳鼓舞了我,使我能夠橫渡暴風雨中的大海。)


    The above lyrics come from the classic song You Raise Me Up, which is the best way to express your love for your mother.


    For Mother's Day (May 13), Amoy Plaza invited the Youth New World Children's and Youth Choir (the Choir) to present a performance. Their songs included You Raise Me Up, A Whole New World, and a classic Canton popular song 真的愛妳. The Choir will also perform at Grand Gateway 66 in Shanghai in July, spreading love through music to a wider community.


    The Choir was established in 2017 with around 100 children and young people aged from 7 to 17 and coming from a variety of social strata. Through its live performances, the Choir promotes social communion and enables members of the underprivileged class to realize their musical talent and potential.

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