Mall Activities
Sweet Dating in May 38
  • 友善列印版本


    520 is not just a sequence of numbers, it is also a romantic password. Grand Gateway 66, Palace 66, Parc 66, Center 66, Riverside 66 and Olympia 66 are unveiling the love-themed campaign to welcome a series of heart-warming activities for lovers, and to create opportunities for expressing love!


    Style Lab

    Riverside 66, Parc 66, and Palace 66 have designed elaborate neon light installations to transform the atriums in their respective malls into check-in hotspots where lovers can take their photos in a stylishly sweet setting and really grab the attention of their friends!


    How Much do You Know about May Passwords?

    5.20 I love you

    5.25 I love me

    5.27 I love eating 

    5.28 I love bags





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