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Collection of Winning Papers from The Hang Lung Mathematics Awards Published 116
  • 友善列印版本


    The Hang Lung Mathematics Awards (HLMA) has entered its 14th year. Hang Lung Properties and The Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK) have published a collections of research papers by previous winners of the HLMA, which aims to further students' exploration in the field of mathematics. The collection will be distributed free to secondary schools, libraries, and related educational institutions in Hong Kong.


    The collection includes the research papers by HLMA Gold, Silver, Bronze winners and Honorable Mentions from 2010 to 2016. Edited by Chairman of HLMA Executive Committee, Professor Thomas Au from the Department of Mathematics of CUHK, and Professor Chan Kwokwai from the Department of Mathematics of CUHK, the winning papers touched on a wide spectrum of topics, from pure mathematics, which can enrich the knowledge of passionate students and teachers, to the application of epidemiology, communications, and analytics to an interesting game. Hang Lung has sponsored the production and publishing costs for the collection.


    To mark the launch of the collection, Professor Yau Shingtung, HLMA co-founder, Chairman of HLMA Scientific Committee, 1982 Fields Medalist, the William Caspar Graustein Professor of Mathematics at Harvard University, and the Director of the Institute of Mathematical Sciences at CUHK, Professor Thomas Au, and a number of previous HLMA winners were invited to gather at Hang Lung's headquarters on May 6 (Sunday) to discuss advancements in mathematical research over the past few years, and share amongst themselves how the research has provided impetus for their development into the future.


    During the gathering, the previous winners talked about their views on the same topics they presented years ago for the HLMA. In a robust exchange of ideas and experience, the professors also took time to share their ideas on the subjects and to give advices to the youth.


    Professor Yau said, "Mathematics is the origin of science. The skills of logical reasoning, analytical thinking and creativity needed for mathematical research are also critical for other academic subjects as well as in our daily lives. We hope HLMA participants will find enrichment of knowledge and inspiration for their creativity in the competition, so that they will shine in whatever fields or industries they venture into in the future."


    HLMA 2016 Gold Award winner Leung Sunkai has a different view on mathematics after he has started his university life. "The world of mathematics is infinite," he said. "I need to better equip myself with basic concept in order to build a more solid foundation for carrying out in-depth research. It's not just about intensive practice on past papers, but we need to carry out more study and preparation work."


    Founded in 2004, the biennial HLMA, co-organized by Hang Lung Properties, The Institute of Mathematical Sciences, and the Department of Mathematics of CUHK, has helped over 2,000 secondary students to realize their potential in the creative exploration of mathematics and sciences. Hang Lung donates HK$1 million as award and scholarship and provides sponsorship to support the educational resources, guidance and mentoring, assessment process, and the administration of each competition.


    The 8th HLMA will have its award presentation ceremony in December 2018. This year, a total of over 90 teams from more than 60 schools have enrolled in the competition, 30 percent of which are participating for the first time. They will choose their mathematics research topics in the coming three months and submit their research papers by the end of August.

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