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Youngsters' Architectural Tour Routes Go Beyond Expectations 33
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    Judges of the Hang Lung Young Architects Program (the Program) Tour Design Competition were pleasantly surprised when they went through the 53 proposals submitted by participating students in mid-April.


    As the name suggests, the competition requires each team of students to curate an original architectural tour around a theme drawn from the knowledge and experience they gained from their participation in the Program. Planning the tour route aside, they also need to take on the role of docents to introduce and describe the features of their tour to a panel of judges between April and June this year. The three winning teams will have the opportunity to take part in an overseas architectural study tour in Tokyo, Singapore or Shanghai during the summer.


    Hang Lung launched the Program in October last year to provide secondary school students with an opportunity to have a better understanding of the connection between architecture and our community, and to gain a deeper insight into Hong Kong's architecture and its history.


    Over 320 students have so far participated in two lectures, delivered by renowned architects, three interactive workshops and 216 guided walking tours. The total distance of the tours they have completed is over 2,900 km, equivalent to the flight distance between Hong Kong and Tokyo.


    Our judging panel was amazed at the insight and thoughtfulness demonstrated by the students in their proposals. Take a look at these examples.


    Fabulous Chill Out in Local Communities

    Riding a bike to explore Fo Tan and Wo Che.


    Multi-religious Harmony

    "Multi-religious Harmony" – If you want to understand how diverse a community's religious beliefs can be, take a close look at the religious buildings.


    Building for Residents

    Tired of Hollywood Road's seemingly well-told heritage? We focus on its tenement houses to unravel the construction standards set by the government.


    The Evolution of PHE in Tuen Mun

    See how public housing estates evolved in design from Twin H and Old Cruciform, to Trident 3 and 4 types.


    Did you know that?

    Students participating in the Competition will lead the judges to explore a total of 162 pieces of architecture!

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