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Home Refurbishment Project 27
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    Many people improve their living spaces by refurbishing their homes. However, refurbishing home seems to be a luxurious wish to grassroots families.


    On 12 May (Saturday), the Hang Lung As One Volunteer Team visited the grassroots families in Shek Kip Mei, to assist the underprivileged with painting and repair work to improve their living spaces. The "Home Refurbishment Project" was co-organized by HandsOn Hong Kong, Habitat for Humanity Hong Kong and Hang Lung Properties, which is one of the volunteer activities of Serve-a-thon Hong Kong.


    On that day, 20 volunteers attended a training to equip the basic knowledge and skills of home maintenance and renovation prior to the visit. After that, around 6 to 7 volunteers teamed up to work on the refurbishment of a flat together. Although not refurbishing their own homes, the volunteers still strived the best to repair, turning those dirty walls to white and clean ones successfully.


    All participating volunteers found the activity meaningful despite they had suffered from backache after a long tiring day!

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