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Say Yes to Breastfeeding 71
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    According to a breastfeeding survey conducted by the Department of Health, around 60% of interviewed mothers breastfed in public areas with shopping malls being the most commonly visited places.


    In support of the Say Yes to Breastfeeding community campaign, the Company invited representatives from the Department of Health to hold a talk for our frontline staff on May 15 (Tuesday). During the talk, the speaker shared with colleagues the breastfeeding situation in Hong Kong, how to help and support breastfeeding mothers, and the advantages of becoming Breastfeeding Friendly Premises.


    As a responsible family-friendly employer and mall operator, Hang Lung has established lactation rooms in all Mainland and Hong Kong offices, and stipulated that infant nursing rooms be one of the standardized facilities in our shopping malls. In addition, the Company has also sponsored other breastfeeding mothers' associations to hold exhibitions in our shopping malls so as to enhance public awareness about breastfeeding.


    The Say Yes to Breastfeeding campaign is organized by UNICEF HK in collaboration with the Food and Health Bureau, Department of Health. To date, the campaign has recruited about 120 organizations to participate, while Amoy Plaza and Kornhill Plaza are two out of 13 shopping malls in Hong Kong which have joined the campaign.

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