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Giving Leftovers a Makeover 66
  • 友善列印版本


    According to the Environmental Protection Department, Hong Kong people produced an average of about 3,600 tons of food waste every day in 2016. The situation has become a serious environmental concern. Apart from dumping the waste into landfills, what else can we do with all the leftovers?


    On May 11 (Friday), the Company organized a talk themed Adorning with Leftovers, and invited Mr. Eric Cheung and Ms. Winnie Ngai from Dyelicious to brief colleagues on this problem. In the talk, they demonstrated how to turn leftovers into dyes and the techniques for making tie-dye bags. A total of 26 participants took part.


    Since last year, the Company has regularly held talks on sustainability at which speakers from different industries introduce a wide range of environmental and social issues.  

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