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Staying Healthy for the One-third 69
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    We spend one-third of our time in the office every day, without realizing the potential dangers that lie in wait in the work environment. With this in mind, the Company invites the Occupational Safety and Health Council each year to give talks and training sessions to colleagues, so as to remind them the importance of office safety and health.


    On May 18 (Friday), the Company organized an occupational safety and health course, inviting professional consultant Ms. Yu Kwaichun to brief colleagues on the hazards that exist in the office environment. Ms. Yu introduced the laws relevant to occupational safety and health as well as general office safety features. Ranging all the way from the effects of lighting, noise, ventilation systems and indoor air quality on health, to the hazards posed by everyday office equipment, the course covered a comprehensive syllabus about office safety. At the end of the course, Ms. Yu taught colleagues  some stretching exercises that can be easily carried out in the office.

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