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Customer Engagement Survey Reveals Customer Service Paragons 46
  • 友善列印版本


    Ever since the launch of the Customer Engagement Survey (CES), the Service Delivery department has collected much feedback from customers, from which a few interesting stories have emerged. For the past 12 months, Palace 66 and Olympia 66 have been highly praised for their exceptional performance in terms of customer service.


    Don't mistake customer service for a woman's work – men can be just as competent! Liu Luxu of Palace 66 is one such man. His keenness, attentiveness, and proactivity have allowed him to assist a particular customer, Ms. Xia, in need on two separate occasions. One of them was to help Ms. Xia with a value-added service, as she was feeling sick and unable to walk freely. Ms. Xia was highly appreciative and even bought him breakfast as thanks. 


    Concierge desks usually help people locate shops, washrooms, and provide rental services. The concierge colleagues at Olympia 66 took this one step further when they helped a customer who was searching for an engagement gift. Not only did they recommend brands and items, they even suggested novel ways of popping the question. The customer returned an engaged man, and recorded his deep satisfaction with the mall’s customer service through the CES. 


    In addition to face-to-face interviews with customers conducted by frontline concierge colleagues, customers are also able to access the CES survey portal by scanning a QR code, or give feedback on each mall's WeChat page.

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