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This Door Can Save Your Life 10
  • 友善列印版本


    For Doraemon, the Japanese cartoon character, it's easy for him to go wherever he wishes because he has the Anywhere Door. But the liftwell rescue door is a totally different matter as it only allows firemen, authorized rescuers and competent workers employed by registered lift contractors to use during emergencies.


    The height and width of a lift well rescue door as well as where it is located in a building are all subject to regulations. The door has to be at least 1.8 meters high and 500 millimeters wide. It should also be placed where is easily accessible and have a "DANGER" warning sign attached to it. The door should always be locked from the outside and opening it should be only possible with a key. From the inside, however, it should be possible to open the door just with the bare hands. The Buildings Department of Hong Kong has stipulated that if the distance between two connecting platforms is more than 11 meters, then a liftwell rescue door should be installed at intervals to minimize the distance, thereby facilitating the rescue of lift passengers during an emergency.

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