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The Magic Kitchen at Gala Place 12
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    There are many people who would love to bake a cake as a sweet gesture for their loved ones. However, in Hong Kong we are already considered lucky if we have a tiny home in which to live, let alone a fully-equipped kitchen! Kathy Ng, the founder of Bake Your Own, took a look at this point and chose Gala Place to create a onestop baking shop with a floor space of 1,200sf, with loads of space and all the appliances for guests to bake their own cakes.


    Bake Your Own is divided into eight areas, including ingredients, tools, packaging, cold storage, mixing, an oven area, a section for extra purchases, and cleaning areas. Guests only need to choose the cake they want to bake and then they can find the materials and tools they need, to follow the instructions on the electronic recipe and start baking. The entire process is not time-limited and the degree of freedom for creativity is quite high.


    "I, myself, like to make a cake of my own, but kitchens in Hong Kong's flats are generally small and may not be able to accommodate a professional oven, so that's why I came up with this idea. Bake Your Own aims to provide a space for people to enjoy the pleasure of baking." Kathy, Founder of Bake Your Own, said.


    "Baking cakes here is more convenient. The ingredients are already prepared. The instructions in the recipes are very clear." Ms. Leung (right), customer of Bake Your Own, said.


    Bake Your Own

    Location: Rm1405, Gala Place, 56 Dundas Street, Mongkok

    Telephone: (+852) 3460 3475


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