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North Point: A Mirror of Hong Kong's Post-War Boom 6
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    From the hub of shipping and warehousing before WWII to the Little Shanghai and Little Fujian that it developed into in the post-war period, North Point has witnessed the development of urban Hong Kong through the years. The ever-bustling Chun Yeung Street market, the modernist architecture the State Theatre, the monolithic tower blocks of Kiu Kwan Mansion, and the Metropole Building are all monumental in their own ways.


    1. Oi! 
    Oi! was established on the site of the former clubhouse of the Royal Hong Kong Yacht Club. Built in 1908, the complex is characterized by its contrasting red brick and coarse stucco façade as well as its irregular layout. It is one of the rare examples of the Art and Craft style in Hong Kong,featuring multiple roofs that stand out prominently.
    2. AIA Tower
    Designed by P & T Architects & Engineers Ltd., and Andrew Lee King Fun & Associates Architects Ltd, AIA Tower is one of the earliest skyscrapers in Hong Kong, featuring a combination structure with walls at the centre forming a cylinder, as well as modular pillars and an external frame on the outside.
    3. State Theatre
    Opened in 1952 as the Empire Theatre, the State Theatre is the oldest surviving post-war cinema in Hong Kong, featuring a series of concrete arches above its roof – a unique architectural element among all cinemas in the world.
    4. St. Jude's Church
    Established by Fr. George Caruso in 1953, St. Jude's Church features parallel vertical lines outside and stained glass windows inside, with a statue of St. Jude at the center.
    5. Ming Yuen Western Street
    Ming Yuen Western Street was once home to the first amusement park in the Eastern District. The buildings that line the streets mostly date back to the 1950's-1960's, with pragmatic and modernist designs that emphasize simplicity, functionality and natural lighting.
    6. Kiu Kwan Mansion and Metropole Building
    Massive huge apartment complexes designed to meet the rapidly increasing need for housing in the 1950's and 1960's, Kiu Kwan Mansion and Metropole Building are small communities unto themselves,combining both residential and commercial facilities. These modernist buildings were also leftist strongholds during the 1967 riots, and Kiu Kwan Mansion was even the target of a famous helicopter raid.
    7. Chun Yeung Street
    Being named one of the top five wet markets in Hong Kong by CNNGo, Chun Yeung Street is renowned for the unique sight that a tram line runs through the rows of hawker stands in the street.
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