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A Breath of Fresh Air 15
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    Air quality is a major factor in human health and everyday life. To promote Hang Lung's Clean Air Initiative to the public, the Hang Lung As One volunteer teams in Shanghai and Jinan have engaged in a series of community service activities with the intent of raising public awareness and understanding of air quality.


    Plaza 66

    The Hang Lung As One volunteer team of Shanghai traveled to Tianlin No. 2 Middle School in the Xuhui District of Shanghai on June 22 (Friday) to educate middle schoolers on air quality. The team designed a series of engaging events a la STEAM (a style of education emphasizing science, technology, engineering, arts, and mathematics). The volunteers first gave a lesson on the basics of air quality. Afterward, the students were given handson engineering experience as the volunteers taught them to construct simple air quality detectors. The students were eager to learn and peppered the volunteers with questions until the end of the class, indicating that the event had increased their knowledge and broadened their perspectives.


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    The Jinan chapter of the Hang Lung As One volunteer program traveled to a children's rehabilitation center on June 27 (Wednesday) to spend a meaningful afternoon with about 30 disabled children. They began with a brief lecture on air quality and how to improve it. Then they spent most of the event in a planting exercise, teaching the children how to grow potted plants. The volunteers also passed around O2 booklets to explain how plants can improve air quality. Both the children and the volunteers enjoyed themselves, and bade a reluctant farewell at the end of the day. It was an educational experience for all: the children learned something about air quality, and the volunteers learned a bit about interacting with disabled children.



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