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Know Your Strengths and Excel at Work 28
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    Everyone has their own strengths but how often do we consider exactly what they are, or how to make the best use of them? To give colleagues invaluable insights into this topic, the Company held a series of seminars themed Brand Your Positive Leadership. The series comprises two seminars, Discover Your Strengths at Work and Positive Communication at work, and were held on June 22 (Friday) and July 20 (Friday). Ms. Rosemarie Yau of the HKU SPACE Executive Academy was invited to discuss strengths and positive communication with participants.


    Strengths, said Rosemarie, come in many forms, and all of them are relevant to the workplace. Strengths are not limited to one's talents, education or past experience. Other types such as personality traits, resources and even personal interests all have their place.


    "Once you know your strengths, the next thing to do is to apply them," she said.


    Rosemarie cited a study demonstrating that employees who focused on using their strengths were 20% more effective than those who concentrated on shoring up their weaknesses. She added that taking advantage of your strengths not only makes you a better worker but a happier one as well.

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