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SECOND KILL Launches Killer Marketing Campaign 13
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    Sport shoes stores are everywhere in Hong Kong, hindering entrance into the market. However, post-90s young businessman Theo broke through using unique vision and marketing strategy, and successfully opened his own shop, Second Kill. In just five years, Theo turned his online store into a physical venue and has expanded the store twice. The store's area is now over 4,000 square feet and its Instagram has more than 230k followers. The results speak for themselves. In this issue, we asked Theo to share the trend of the market and introduce the most popular sport shoes to us.


    Win the Digital Marketing Battle

    Other than providing a wide range of sport shoes, Theo said that you need to win the online market if you want to be outstanding. Before Instagram became popular, Theo had already seized the opportunity to open an account for the store and update it frequently. Moreover, he organized some crossover activities with different stores on Instagram and invited key leaders of the field to promote the store. These campaigns increased the number of fans significantly. This multi-pronged approach soon brought a wealth of customers to his doors.


    Looking to the Future

    Reluctant to find a regular job, Theo originally only meant to try his hand at entrepreneurship. With the level of success he has achieved, however, Theo now plans to expand his business further. "I hope to open more branches, and my next target is Macau." Theo said with a firm tone.


    Building Reputation

    Theo says it is especially important to make the brand a guarantee of authenticity. "Many people are concerned about the authenticity of goods when shopping online. Thus, in the early stages of my business, I recorded videos to teach customers how to distinguish the authenticity of the shoes. This boosts the confidence of customers and it is also another way of marketing." This move generated many positive responses and much media coverage for Theo. As a result, the store gained customers’ trust despite being online.


    Nostalgic decoration Overview

    Theo, who focuses on online promotion, has made a lot of effort in the decoration of the store, adding authentic nostalgic elements in the hopes of making the store a profitable consumer hotspot.


    Second Kill

    Location:Room 1901, 19/F, Gala Place, 56 Dundas Street, Mongkok

    Opening Hours: 1-10PM





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