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Technology and Information on Safe Hands 78
  • 友善列印版本


    The IT Department has introduced the latest WeMeeting conferencing system, in a bid to foster inter-departmental communications across all offices. To help colleagues master the new system, four workshops were held to showcase techniques of the system operation and encourage staff to host and join online conference meetings through phones and computers for quality communications.


    Meanwhile, the Company recognizes the importance of cybersecurity and personal data protection. Plaza 66 in Shanghai recently held two seminars, inviting Mr. Jacky He from Jun He Law Office to speak on the areas of personal data collection and management, as well as cybersecurity law. In addition, four workshops will be held in September for frontline staff in Hong Kong to look further into the principles of data protection for property management. The workshops are designed to strengthen colleagues’ know-hows on how to handle personal data.

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