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Children's Summer Movie Days 45
  • 友善列印版本


    This summer, the Hang Lung As One Volunteer Teams from Hong Kong and Grand Gateway 66 held movie viewing days to watch animation films with children, where they can learn valuable life lessons from movies.


    Hong Kong

    Hong Kong's Hang Lung As One Volunteer Team organized a movie party for a group of underprivileged kids from Tuen Mun on July 28 (Saturday). Nearly a hundred participants gathered on the day to watch the film Incredibles 2 at the Grand Kornhill Cinema and enjoyed a delicious meal in celebration of the summer holidays!


    One of the volunteers, Mr. Raymond Pang from the Business Planning Team, said that the movie encourages the audience to appreciate and make good use of their strengths. He hoped that the children would learn to treasure their talents.


    Grand Gateway 66, Shanghai

    On July 30 (Monday), Grand Gateway 66's Hang Lung As One Volunteer Team partnered with the Xujiahui Residential District Office to organize a movie party for 17 children from low-income families at the new Younghua Cinema City in the mall. After watching the movie, Magical Circus, they enjoyed lunch and shared their thoughts about the film. One of the children said he learned that he needs to be brave if he wants to make his dreams come true. He was also touched by the love depicted in the movie.


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