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2018 Management Trainee Program 59
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    Since the launch of the Hang Lung Management Trainee Program in 2005, the number of applicants has increased every year. This year, the number from Hong Kong, overseas and the Mainland is up 20% to nearly 1,900. However, only 11 of them won the seats in joining the Company as management trainees (MTs).

    Abundant Learning Opportunities

    A successful management executive needs to master not only business knowledge and techniques but also interpersonal relations and communication skills. In view of this, the Company has arranged a series of orientation courses and professional training sessions for the MTs to enhance their skills in social etiquette, professional grooming, outreaching and presentation. The 2018 MTs have all finished their orientation, and are now attached to different departments in Hong Kong and on the Mainland for 18-month internships, including six months of placement on the Mainland.

    Management as Mentors

    The Company has invited 11 Directors as the MTs' one-on-one mentors to share their views on business and career development as well as life experiences with their mentees. In addition, a total of 11 Heads of Section and Senior Managers from different departments will serve as the MTs' coaches. They will meet the MTs regularly to share their views on work.

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