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Team Alignment for Sustainable Growth 25
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    In order to build a collaborative culture and set the path for a positive future, the Legal & Secretarial Department arranged a sustainable growth workshop for its staff members on September 7 (Friday). The workshop enabled colleagues to identify their unique strengths, thereby assisting them to perform their best in achieving the Company's common goals.


    At the workshop, colleagues learned how to consolidate and align their strengths, good practices and values to build a solid foundation of mutual understanding and support. They also developed divisional vision, mission, norms and mutual supportive measures, and formulated feasible working strategies at both individual and team levels, so as to put the Company's five strategies of sustainable growth into practice.


    Through the workshop, colleagues also explored how they can apply the strength-based approach to shift their focus to a more promising perspective, allowing them to leverage individual and collective strengths to generate greater results for the Company.

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