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A New Image of Cart Noodles - Hee Kee 39
  • 友善列印版本


    "Cart Noodles have been my favorite ever since I was small. I can choose as many toppings as I like. It's real happiness!"

    With all these delightful memories of cart noodles, Sean Chan was determined to start his own cart noodles business. Instead of entering the world of finance after completing his bachelor's degree in Financial Economics in the UK, Sean returned to Hong Kong to start Hee Kee Cart Noodle. This year, Hee Kee opened its second shop in Amoy Plaza.


    "Most people assume that restaurants serving cart noodles are crowded and dirty. Some of them even give them the nickname of Dirty Noodles. I wish to transform this old perception and make Hongkongers see a bowl of noodles in a new light."

    To build a better image for cart noodles, Sean invited an interior designer from UK to give his shop a young and modern look by using wood and black as the main interior theme together with neon lighting to give a local twist. Hee Kee also has marble dining tables and high-back chairs for customers to have a better experience when enjoying their noodles at Hee Kee.


    However, a comfortable environment is not enough to win the hearts of customers. That can be achieved only with a consistently high food offering. "The broth, the sauce and the toppings are essentials to a bowl of good cart noodles." Sean insists on using no MSG and only pork, chicken and dried scallops as the main ingredients for the soup base. Customers won't feel thirsty after drinking it. Believing that the sauce is the soul of a bowl of cart noodles, Sean devotes a lot of effort to finding the perfect recipe for a spicy sauce that best fits the rest of the food.


    Among the more than 50 toppings and snacks on the menu, pig intestines, beef belly and garlic chives dumplings are the customers' favorites. "We sell at least 80 pounds of beef belly every day. It's not easy to get the best flavour – it takes tenderizing the beef overnight to achieve the soft texture that we pride. We also insist on using fresh pig intestines for their crunchy texture. As for the dumplings, the bite-size portions make them the favorite for many ladies."


    Sean, yet to reach his 30's, can recount every tiny detail of the processes he uses. Clearly, he puts a great deal of effort into the business. "We have invested about HK$4 million in the business and hope to recoup the cost in one and a half years. I believe that if you run your business with passion, you can build a reputation and everything will be worthwhile."


    Shop Info: Hee Kee Cart Noodle

    Address: Shops G122-124, 130, Amoy Plaza

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