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Get Ready for 2018 Crisis Audit 19
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    Hang Lung implements its customer-centric strategies in every facet of its operations. Apart from providing excellent personal customer service, the Company also goes all-out to create a safe and comfortable shopping environment. With this in mind, the Company has launched a variety of crisis management measures. These include the online crisis management course and different types of drills, introduced to familiarize both colleagues and tenants with the Company's emergency response mechanisms, ensuring the safety of the customers who shop or work at our properties.


    In the fourth quarter this year, the Corporate Communications and Internal Audit Departments will conduct the 2018 Crisis Audit in Hong Kong and on the Mainland, reviewing the crisis preparedness of each project and testing the crisis awareness of the crisis management teams and operation staff, ensuring that each project has every crisis management measure in place.


    Timetable for 2018 Crisis Audit

    October 2018

    Olympia 66

    Palace 66

    Forum 66


    November 2018

    Center 66

    Plaza 66

    Grand Gateway 66

    Parc 66

    Riverside 66

    Heartland 66

    Spring City 66


    December 2018 Hong Kong Portfolio
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