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Joining Elves and Zombies to Celebrate Halloween Fun 47
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    It's October again! Terrifying zombies and cute little monsters from around the world have arrived Hang Lung's malls in Hong Kong and on the Mainland, ready for the most exciting celebrations this Halloween!


    Fashion Walk

    Fashion Walk is bringing Halloween Styloween back for its 5th edition, creating one-of-a-kind Halloween experience by offering a sensational vision-loss experience through Black Maze at 9 Kingston Street, the first ever Beer & Wine Walk and a series of Halloween weekend workshops! Infusing a dose of charitable elements, Fashion Walk joins forces with Zombie Walk, a movement that promotes optical health, to organize the very first Halloween Styloween Hong Kong Zombie Walk on October 26 (Friday) and street parade to raise funds for Orbis. Do not miss the chance to protect sight of those in need by having fun with Zombies!


    Amoy Plaza

    With magical elements, Amoy Plaza presents the Halloween Haunted Inflatable Wonderland with fun for all ages. Customers are welcome to challenge the giant Pumpkin Whac-a-Mole and the Haunted Magic House not just for the fun of it but also for a chance to win special Halloween treats upon completion of the game. As Halloween approaches, the mall also extends the festive atmosphere from indoors to outdoors with an alfresco food street festooned with pumpkin lanterns, and spooky decorations, taking the Halloween vibe to new levels of excitement!


    On October 26 (Friday) and October 28 (Sunday) respectively, Fashion Walk and Amoy Plaza will throw the best parties in town, for all to enjoy Halloween in their funkiest costumes and Trick or Treat together!


    Kornhill Plaza

    Starfy, a cute starfish character designed by Korean design team, RACCOON FACTORY, is debuting its Halloween style by morphing into cute vampires, mummies, wizards and more, hiding at different corners around Kornhill Plaza ready to explore the Halloween adventure with everyone. During the campaign period, shoppers spending designated amounts are eligible to join the Mask Painting Workshop or the Halloween Starfy Light Clay Workshop, where participants can create their own Starfy character to enjoy the Halloween. Seats are limited, so seize the chance before you miss it!


    Grand Plaza, Hollywood Plaza and Gala Place

    Watch out for the cheeky rock-demon VareL! The JagzZ, a demon band created by famous Japanese illustrator Kurosawa Katsuya, has arrived at Grand Plaza, Hollywood Plaza, and Gala Place to rock 'n' roll with ground-quaking beats for a bone-shaking Halloween. During the event, Grand Plaza will present an interactive game called Halloween Rock Drummer to transform customers into wild drummers, while showcasing a collection of JagzZ models and collectibles from Japan including original illustrations, carved wooden night lights, and badges. The unmissable exhibition will also feature a hand-painted mini guitar designed especially for the occasion!


    Lovely Elves Arrive at Hang Lung

    The elves have awoken and are ready to bring a series of tricks and pranks……


    THE MONSTERS, designed by Hong Kong well-known picture book and toy designer, Mr. Kashing Lung, have arrived at six Mainland malls and are ready to present their first installation exhibition on the Mainland. Themed, The Monster Hunt, the Halloween event engages customers with a variety of online and offline promotions for the best Halloween month ever!

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