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Hang Lung Mathematics Awards 2018 in Full Swing 537
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    Hang Lung Mathematics Awards (HLMA), organized by Hang Lung Properties, The Institute of Mathematical Sciences and the Department of Mathematics at The Chinese University of Hong Kong, has entered its 15th year. A total of 260 students forming over 90 teams from nearly 60 schools registered for this biennial mathematics research competition. This year's HLMA attracted 19 schools participating for the first time, and a record high of 18 individual entrants. Outstanding participants will have the opportunity to proceed to the final defense, an oral presentation before a Scientific Committee of renowned international mathematicians. The HLMA 2018 winners will be announced at the HLMA awards ceremony on December 20 (Thursday).


    To arouse more interest in mathematics within the community, HLMA uses online platforms to share the latest news of the competition. Since its launch in 2016, the Hang Lung Mathematics Awards – To Infinity Facebook page has published over 150 posts with fun and interactive maths content and accumulated more than 17,000 fans. Recently, the design and browser compatibilities of the HLMA official website have been upgraded to enhance the browsing experience and meet the needs of its users.


    Hang Lung Mathematics Awards – To Infinity Facebook


    Hang Lung Mathematics Awards' website

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