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UA Amoy x Cross Café – A Brand New Local-bred Cinematic Experience 41
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    Out with the old-fashioned popcorn, hotdogs, and soda for the theatre! The long-awaited UA cinema finally landed at Amoy Plaza in late August to satiate the desires of the many movie fans from Kowloon Bay. There are of course upgraded facilities, but UA Amoy also breaks tradition by partnering with Cross Café for the first time. Catering to all your culinary, visual and auditory senses, an afternoon at UA Amoy is just so fantastic when you can enjoy authentic local food while watching a movie!


    Fully Upgraded Cinematic Experience New Hot Spot for Entertainment

    You can now enjoy the latest innovations of cinematic technology at UA Amoy. With the extremely high-res Barco 4K Laser Projectors used in all its theatres and the Dolby Atmos Audio System, you will surely make a new acquaintance with this upgraded visual and sensory experience. Other than this, the cinema also makes a good venue for parties! There is a multi-function activity room equipped with a projector, Hi-Fi, video games and board games – available for bookings now!


    Cross Over with Cross Café Exclusive Limited Dishes on Offer

    To further provide customers with a new cinematic experience, UA Cinema has also first collaborated with Cross Café to present a series of exclusive dishes which puts a new twist to the snacks you used to eat in the cinema. These include the giant baked chicken drumstick drizzled with pepper and honey, and the dairy sundae or milkshake topped with crispy popcorns! How can you resist the temptation?


    From now till December 31, UA Amoy offers promotions on any purchase. The adult tickets for 2D movies are as low as HK$60 on weekdays, and only HK$50 on Tuesdays. Student tickets are priced at HK$45 on weekdays.

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