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Protect the Earth Be a LOHAS-Friendly Family 131
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    The Hang Lung LOHAS Day is one of the most popular Company activities. This year, the Hang Lung LOHAS Day was successfully held on November 10 (Saturday), with an engaging range of interesting interactive games and workshops for about 100 participants throughout the day of the camp at the Breakthrough Youth Village in Sha Tin. The day promotes the importance of sustainable living and the spirit of the LOHAS lifestyle.


    In addition to workshops and booths, there were also a live-action board game, eco-powered car races, and football tournaments.


    Live-action Board Game

    The properties on the board were named after the Company properties. Elements of sustainability were also incorporated into the game, such as promoting the concept of renewable energy by including cycling tasks.


    Football Tournaments

    The moderator asked questions about sustainable development and participants needed to choose the correct answer by kicking the football into the right box at the goal.


    "Some extreme weather and climate events have increased in different regions of the planet in recent decades. This makes me pay more attention to the importance of sustainable development. That's why I decided to join the LOHAS Day with my family. I hope to give them more insight into the issue and help them build better environmental awareness." Cosy Wong of Human Resources shared that Company's focus on sustainable development raised her awareness of the issue. The LOHAS Day enables everyone to learn through interactive games and made it much easier for kids and adults alike to understand the topic.

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