Project Update
Wuhan Government Officials Visit Heartland 66 for Project Updates 164
  • 友善列印版本


    Mr. Peter Leung, Director – Project Management, met with Mr. Zhang Jun, Deputy Secretary General of Wuhan Municipal Government, Mr. Xu Gang, Deputy Governor of Qiaokou District, and Ms. Wu Junqin, Deputy Director of the Office of the Central Service Area of Hanzheng Street, on November 20 (Tuesday), to report on the progress of Heartland 66's underground connection with the local subway.


    Peter Leung expressed his thanks for the support Heartland 66 has received from all levels of the government on behalf of the Company. He introduced the project team and gave a briefing on project developments including the plan to build an underground connection, preparations underway, and its current status.


    Zhang Jun expressed his appreciation to Heartland 66 and agreed that an underground connection is essential for enhancing economic development in the region and for strengthening the position of the central business district. In addition he provided further instructions on the development plan.

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