HL Star Service
Saving the Day 13
  • 友善列印版本


    When a life is on the line, it is those with professional judgement who save the day. In this issue, we will feature two of this year's Emerald Award merit case winners – Yip Sengming from The Peak Galleria, and Ying Aixue from Olympia 66 in Dalian.


    When Yip Sengming was on duty at The Peak Galleria, a crash between a bus and a taxi left the latter's frame severely deformed. Yip came to the scene and calmly evaluated the situation, and took steps to rescue the trapped taxi driver and passenger. With the arrival of the emergency services the rescue operation was successfully completed and Yip continued to help the officers disperse re-direct traffic. Meanwhile, in Dalian, Ying Aixue showed her decisiveness in saving a boy's life by stopping an escalator which had trapped his leg. She calmed him down while slowly pulling his leg out from the escalator. Then, she accompanied the boy and his grandmother to the hospital, bringing along a new pair of socks and shoes. The decisiveness and attentiveness of these two colleagues is truly worth commending.


    Much thanks and commendations belong to our frontline colleagues for their professional judgment and actions in mitigating the adverse effects of accidents. As we commit to providing quality customer service, we keep the Company's Go The Extra Mile philosophy at the forefront of all our endeavors.

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