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    Umegaoka Sushi No Midori Souhonden(Midori), which is regarded as a must–go dining spot in Tokyo for its offering of fresh sushi at bargain prices, is now operating its first overseas store at Grand Plaza in Mongkok. Hong Kong fans can now enjoy authentic Japanese sushi without flying directly to Japan!


    Sashimi Directly Imported from Toyosu shijō

    Fans of Midori might well be concerned if the food quality and pricing is in line with the chain's stores in Japan. Midori's Hong Kong representative Mr. Derek Liu reassures diners that the sourcing of Hong Kong's ingredients is the same as for Japan's stores. The seafood is sourced daily from Hokkaido, Kyushu, and other places in Japan, and sent to the market at Toyosu shijō, from which it is delivered directly to all the stores. "As long as we manage the temperature and logistics arrangements well, we can ensure that the catch arrives in the evening every day."


    Japanese Head Chef Stationed in Hong Kong

    Japanese cuisine respects traditional values. To ensure that the food served is up to the Japanese standard, Midori has arranged for its Japanese Head Chef, Mr. Yoshio Mochizuki, to be stationed in Hong Kong. The restaurant has also arranged training sessions in Nagoya, Japan for three experienced Hong Kong chefs to further refine their culinary skills. Derek said, "We have tried our very best to bring the original taste of Midori's sushi to Hong Kong."


    An Offering of Absolute Bargain Sushi

    Midori is famous for its offering of absolute bargain sushi. Derek admitted that they can't set the price as low as in Japan because the rent in Hong Kong is more expensive and they need to import the catches. However, he believes Midori will still be the best choice for fans of sushi. "It is necessary to keep the price low for it to be a good value proposition for customers. In Hong Kong's Midori, you can have Red Tuna, Medium Fatty Tuna, Extra Fatty Tuna and Minced Tuna Thin-Roll at a price of only about HK$200. This is quite a cheap price."


    Shop Info: Umegaoka Sushi No Midori Souhonten

    Address: Shop 202, 2/F, Grand Plaza

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